Sunday, 21 April 2013

Ocean's Gift - a review

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Demelza shows off her wit in this engaging tale of mermaids, booze and a sparky named Joe. Her descriptions of sea life and the tales of being a deck hand have made me wish I had some sea legs myself. Reading this book made me laugh aloud, my favourite character of course being Joe, his thoughts and actions making me his personal cheerleader.

The author gives information throughout the book of the mermaids lives without it being overwhelming and writes in such a way that I am almost a believer of them. The story flows so effortlessly that you come to the end of the book far too quickly.

If you want to read something that is fun and full of adult humour that I suggest you read this. I’m going to be following the tale of these engaging creatures (Pun intended.) Sparkly vampires and werewolves are last year, mermaids are the new craze and I am more than happy to jump on this bandwagon. 
An easy 5 out 0f 5 stars

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